Montana Straight Rye Batch #1 release

Saturday, October 22nd, RoughStock Distillery will be bottling Batch #1 of our Montana Straight Rye Whiskey. This is a 100% Rye mashbill, double distilled, and matured in virgin heavy-charred American white oak barrels. Due to the nature of the rye grain, this whiskey is a very spicy and bold spirit with sweet tones stemming from the fine grain American oak. Notes of cinnamon, vanilla, candied ginger, spearmint, clove, and honey will come at you all at once. A very intense flavor! Perfect for sipping or re-creating a classic Manhattan, Sazerac, or Old Fashioned cocktail.

Rye is a grain that was used early on in the US as a base for whiskeys. As settlers pushed west, more fertile lands were used to grow corn/maize and thus began the slow progression to corn as a base for most American whiskeys (bourbons are generally 70% or more corn based). Rye whiskeys are a rare breed these days.

Due to the extremely limited quantities, sales will be limited to 1 bottle per person at the distillery. Select Montana liquor stores will also have it available. When it’s gone, it’s GONE! We won’t be bottling our next rye batch until next year.